RIFT – Stalking Prey

Handy guide for the Hunter quest line in Scarwood >


Ahasa (34 Elite) – Centaur in Timar Foothills is found at ( 2750, 3800 ) but he wanders around the hill.
Barbwing – Vespid in Stone Grove
Blackclaw (Elite) – Found around 3449,4412 near Trollblight Cavern.
Blister – dragon whelp in Granitewood Haunt
Bloodwhisker (Elite) – ( 3900, 4300 ) feline
Corpsegrinder – ( 2677, 3789 ) He starts off burrowed (hidden).
Errant Wrecker – Scarwood Ridge
Granite Crawler – : ant-like creature a little north-east of Granite Watch. Paths around a tree at ( 3581, 3976 )
Gravelfist – ( 3692, 4242 ) in Iron Fall
Gurock – ( 3303,4014 ) in Auld Warden
Ironfang – southern region of Granitewood Haunt
Lashtail (Elite) – gargoyle at the very top of the big tree in Auld Warden.
Nuhtu – Satyr found in the Lord’s Hall
Rivetskull (Elite) – not too far outside King’s Breach at about ( 3338, 4144 )
Razorback Terror – ( 3830, 4020 ) near Keenblade Mill
Rotwhip – Undead in Granitewood Crossing
Scarbeak – massive roc in Timar Foothills
Shadow Harvester – Undead in Granitewood Crossing
Vasyu – giant bat in the caves below The Sagespire
Venomspitter – giant spider in Stone Grove
Vilehide – ( 3477, 4419 ) where Trollblight Caverns, Granitewood Haunt, and Lotham’s Strike subzones intersect

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